CURRENT HOURS: Sundays 10:30-3:30, - Monday-Friday 10:30-4, Saturday 10:30-5 (later by chance if busy) WEDNESDAYS OPEN BY CHANCE -- Closed Easter Sunday---- Open 7 days a week by mid-May thru November . -- You can always call 717-339-0900 if unsure about current hours or openings due to weather.

We feature Healing Crystals & Stones, Dowsing rods, Tarot cards, Pendulums, Charm Bags, Ritual Bath Salts & Herbs, plus a wide variety of candles and wonderful selection of leather bound journals. Try out our specially made crystal charmed oils to aid you in your magical work! Current in stock oils are: Lucky, Protection, Prosperity, Love, Healing, Alter, Courage & Success. We also carry a nice supply of Wiccan and Pagan ritual supplies including Athames, Wands, Chalices, Cloaks etc. Remember, we are the ONLY place in the greater Gettysburg area offering you these items, and all at reasonable prices! (Feedback from our customers is that we are definitely less expensive than other shops of our kind) You will find the ladies who work at our shop fairly knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions you may have.

The Crystal Wand is located at 529 Baltimore St. in Gettysburg, across the street from the Jenny Wade House parking lot.